Display the timing and memory usage of Composer


Add the --profile to the command that installs or updates packages:

$ cd your-project/
$ composer install --profile
$ composer install --profile

[   5.9MB/0.00s] Loading composer repositories with package information
[   6.2MB/0.38s] Updating dependencies (including require-dev)
[664.6MB/47.03s]   - Removing twig/twig (v2.x.y)
[664.7MB/47.12s]   - Installing twig/twig (v2.x.z)
[149.6MB/87.01s] Writing lock file
[149.6MB/87.01s] Generating autoload files
[150.7MB/88.13s] Memory usage: 150.66MB (peak: 678.82MB), time: 88.13s
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