Why Choose Solvit for Kantata SX Implementation?

Kanata SX is an investment. We have the experience in both business operations and technology implementation to get your system live and delivering value as quickly as possible. And you’re not on your own. We make sure your team has the training and knowledge to continue to evolve in their use of the tool, driving greater adoption over the long-term.

With seven years as a Kantata SX partner, and 100+ successful implementations under our belts, we’re here to make sure your professional services automation (PSA) tool sets your business up for success from the outset.

Start with Where You Want to Go

At Solvit, we do something shockingly rare in our industry: We listen and advise. With our consultative approach to Kantata SX implementation, we ask the right questions to uncover the essential details about how your business operates and what you’re hoping to achieve, so we can be sure that your business culture and goals lead the technology, and not the other way around.

Let Us Help You Make a Plan

We’re guessing you’re not that interested in the technical details we obsess about every day — and that’s totally okay. Our solution architects have both the business acumen to help define what your solution needs to accomplish, and the technological know-how to build a system that can help you scale and grow.

Leave It to the Experts

We’re not just Kantata SX consultants — we’re a client and a partner, too. We use the tool every day, and as a Kantata partner we’ve implemented it for clients of all sizes. That expertise enables us to translate the tech into the desired outcome that suits how you and your employees are actually going to use the system.

Get Long-term Value from Your Implementation

With Solvit, you get more than just Kantata SX implementation specialists. We have the best reporting and analytics minds on our team, dedicated to understanding the data you need to get out of the system — so when the time comes to build custom dashboards and reports, we’ve already laid the groundwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track resource utilization, both billable and non-billable?

Kantata SX can track time on a project and categorize it for billable or non-billable based on rules you set. Examples of non-billable work could be Goodwill, PTO, or jury duty and utilization factors can vary on each. Goodwill, for example, may give the resource full credit for their time while PTO will be excluded.

How do I track resource availability?

Kantata provides the single pane of glass, rolling up and visually presenting all assignment details across multiple resources. This allows users to view true availability and lets them confidently assign the right resource for the project.

How do I identify the best resource to fit my needs?

A good way to start is by profiling your assignment, thus ensuring you’ve identified the skills or capabilities needed to complete the assignment. Then let Kantata recommend resources, scored based on availability and desired skills and capabilities.

Why is time tracking important for project management?

This could be a lengthy answer but ultimately it boils down to a number of reasons including:

  • Resource Allocation
  • Project Planning
  • Productivity and Efficiency
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Cost Control
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Documentation and Accountability
  • Project Profitability
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Client Communications

What type of revenue recognition can I track?

Professional services firms need to assess their contracts and accounting practices to ensure compliance with ASC 606, a revenue recognition guideline in the US. Kantata SX automatically tracks and maintains revenue recognition for your organization. Common versions of this include time and expense, effort percent complete, cost percent complete, revenue milestone recognition, and percent complete milestone recognition.

How do I automate revenue recognition?

Revenue recognition is automated directly out of the system in real time. You are not dependent on extracting data and performing your own calculations offline.

How do I manage a portfolio of projects?

Kantata SX offers the capability to categorize projects based on specific criteria, providing a valuable resource for project managers.

What are the types of utilization?

There are three types of utilization that Kantata tracks:

  1. Utilization or Factored Usage
    1. Tracked Usage – Excluded Usage
  2. Delivery Efficiency or Delivery Usage
    1. Tracked Usage – Unpaid Usage
  3. Delivery Utilization or Delivery Usage
    1. Tracked Usage – Excluded Usage

How does utilization align with my company requirements?

Out of the box, Kantata SX can be used to track the three different utilization types shown in the previous answer. Companies generally watch resource utilization and delivery utilization across projects.

How do I track billable and non-billable time on projects?

Projects require monitoring of both billable and non-billable (goodwill) time, and Kantata SX is equipped to handle each. The engagement dashboard offers insights into project financials and the impact of non-billable time.

It All Starts
With a Conversation

If you’re looking to partner with a team of Kantata and Salesforce experts that puts your business’s operational needs first, look no further. Solvit designs and delivers implementation, integration, and custom solutions that will free you from frustrating work-arounds — so you can get back to working on your business.

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