Why Choose Solvit for Cloud Coach Reporting and Dashboards?

Solvit has the expertise to deliver valuable analytics embedded in Salesforce and Cloud Coach. We customize reports and break down intricacies to provide you with actionable insights.

Data Driven Growth

Your PSA holds crucial business data.  Allow Solvit’s data analysts to assist you with all your analytics needs  via impactful reports and dashboards that will drive your business forward.

Save Time and Money

Use these analytics across departments — including your project management office (PMO), finance, delivery operations, resource management, and executive leadership — to measure project performance, improve your bottom line, prevent revenue leakage, and more. All of this is possible when you rely on Solvit to unlock the insights available within Cloud Coach.

Plan for the Future

Reliable data and analytics provide each team with the information needed to make informed decisions with confidence. Leverage these scheduled reports to proactively notify the right team members when key thresholds are hit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Cloud Coach to track billable and non-billable resource utilization?

Yes, you can use Cloud Coach to track both! By tracking billable and non-billable hours over time, Cloud Coach can help you to better understand your team’s efficiency. You can view trending utilization reports, setup dashboards, and even receive automated notifications if a user’s time goes below a certain billable percentage.

How does Cloud Coach track resource availability?

Resource availability is tracked in real-time as users are assigned to tasks. In Cloud Coach, each task carries fields for duration and hours, which together calculate the expected end date of the task.

When a user is assigned to a task, this information is pulled into the user’s overall resource availability, providing Resource Managers with real-time information into their talent pool’s workload and availability.

How do I identify the best resource to assign to a task?

Resources are searchable in Cloud Coach, and can be filtered by their assigned Work Types or Skill Sets. Once you’ve refined your search down to the people with the necessary experience for the task, the Resourcing View provides a color-coded visualization of resource availability. You can see at a glance which resources are under or over allocated, allowing you to distribute work appropriately and plan your projects as efficiently as possible.

Within Cloud Coach, you can also add Placeholders and Soft Allocations to help with future project planning and even receive notifications for projects which have no resources assigned to them.

What revenue recognition models can I use to track project financials?

Cloud Coach’s Revenue capabilities can be configured to allow you to track a wide range of project financials. After all, no two businesses are the same!

You can track multiple revenue lines across projects, including:

  • Managed Service Revenue
  • Support Revenue
  • Onboarding Revenue

How can revenue recognition be automated?

With Cloud Coach, revenue can be recognized at the end of a month, at phase completion, milestone completion or even upon a certain percentage completion of a project. This information can then be automatically pushed to outside accounts and ERP systems for invoicing and billing.

That means no extracting data or performing your own calculations offline. You are not dependent on data exports or tedious, manual processes.

How do I prevent revenue leakage?

Some strategies to help mitigate include clear contract terms, scope management, accurate time tracking, and expense management. Keep in mind that preventing revenue leakage is an ongoing process that requires attention to detail, effective communication, and adherence to best practices.

How do I track baseline versus actual project margins?

By comparing the originally estimated project costs (baseline) with the actual costs incurred during the project’s execution, you can assess and manage deviations from the initial budget.

As a project progresses within Cloud Coach, project managers are able to compare task slippage, entered versus estimated hours, and overall performance against a baseline set at the beginning of the project.

What types of utilization can be tracked in Cloud Coach?

There are two two types of utilization:

  • Billable
  • Non-billable

Billable utilization measures the percentage of an employee’s time spent on tasks directly billable to clients, reflecting their contribution to revenue generation.

Non-billable utilization, on the other hand, represents the percentage of time devoted to activities that cannot be billed to clients, like Admin time for example. Tracking non-billable time offers insights into internal operations and overall workforce productivity.

How can I track non billable PTO or vacation time?

Business as usual (BAU) can be categorized within Cloud Coach in whatever way makes the most sense for your organization. PTO, vacation, business travel, meetings, and admin work, are among some of the most common categories typically created.

BAU categories can feed into total resource utilization, providing Resource Managers with real-time insights into different user’s schedules & workloads.

Is there a best practice for non-billable utilization?

For the clearest window into utilization, resources should track all hours within the work week. Cloud Coach’s time entry solution is organized so that every entry can fit into a category. This lets you see what time was billable, what time was non-billable, and what time was productive utilization (for instance–non-billable tasks that are pushing an internal business initiative forward).

Can I track project status details?

Every Project within Cloud Coach includes a high-level summary page that tracks key project details. The summary includes helpful fields out-of-the box and can be customized further with custom Salesforce fields.

You can also see data visualized into dashboards, reports, or in Cloud Coach’s “My Day” tab, which is a user-customizable multi-project dashboard where users can choose what project information to surface.

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